Understand your CV models like never before

Here are a few things that any organization deploying CV models into production should be doing to ensure that those models continue to perform as expected.

The first-ever computer vision monitoring solution

Identify Anomalies & Data Drift

Automatic out-of-distribution detection lets you identify where your model is likely making mistakes.

Improve Models & Explore Datasets

Explore the results of your vision models (classification and object detection) with an interactive interface that makes it easy to identify issues.

Understand Your Models Better

Visualize important image regions that are impactful for model predictions.

Monitoring & Explainability for Your CV Models


Monitor CV model pipelines for data anomalies using built-in out-of-distribution detection and track the accuracy of bounding box models

Bias Analytics

Detect biases in your CV models by evaluating image classification outputs using an interactive interface and locating where your models misclassify and perpetuate biases


Visualize which regions of an image are impactful for an image classification model’s decision or how your object detection models are performing on pipeline images

Our team has many models in production. With Arthur, checking their output and status at a glance is easy.

– Chris Poirier, VP of Data at Truebill

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