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Maximize AI Performance, Mitigate Risk

Performance Monitoring

  • Track the performance of all your models using research-backed metrics.
  • Identify univariate and multivariate data drift in your models for tabular and unstructured data like NLP & Computer Vision.

Explainable AI

  • Know the 'why' and the 'how' behind your models.
  • Simulate 'What-If' scenarios and quickly diagnose & fix issues with your ML.
  • Make black box models transparent and auditable.

Bias Analytics

  • Identify biases in your data.
  • Analyze predictions to surface unwanted bias in models that make decisions about people.
  • Mitigate bias, as well as benchmark and track improvements.

Monitor, Analyze, and Improve Your ML

One dashboard to track them all (your models, that is)

Performance monitoring: Track the performance of your models using research-backed metrics.

Intelligent alerts: Set up intelligent alerts. Never miss an issue with your model inputs or performance.

Data drift: Identify univariate and multivariate data drift in your ML models for tabular and unstructured data like NLP & CV models.

Get to know your models, and understand decisions

Bias detection: Identify biases in your data using univariate or multivariate segmentation.

Explainable AI: Infer how your models are making decisions using our Explainable AI features.

Custom metrics: Choose which metrics work for you, including proprietary metrics from our renowned team of experts.

Improve models by diagnosing and correcting issues

Model diagnosis: Leverage monitoring and explainability features to diagnose and mitigate issues with your model.

Counterfactual Explanations: Simulate "what-if" scenarios by adjusting features and observing changes in prediction impact.

Exportable reports: Increase collaboration across teams with easy-to-digest exportable reports.

Why Arthur

Quick Setup

Fits Your Workflows

Unified Dashboard

Quick get up and running with only a few lines of code, so you don't skip a beat. Arthur can be deployed on-prem, in a cloud environment, or via SaaS.

Arthur is model- & platform-agnostic, meaning they will easily integrate with the tools you use every day.

Monitor all of your models at a glance by connecting them to the Arthur dashboard.

Enables Collaboration

Intelligent Alerting

Cutting-edge Technology

Involve all relevant stakeholders in the model auditing process using easy-to-digest exportable reports and other multi-persona collaboration features.

Set up alerts to track issues in your models, so that you can react as quickly as your business needs you to.

The only platform that supports both structured and unstructured data (NLP & CV) while utilizing the latest and greatest in AI observability techniques developed by experts.

"We care deeply about equity in healthcare at Humana. Thanks to Arthur, we know that our preventative care models are fair."

– Heather Carroll Cox, Chief Digital Health & Analytics Officer

"Our team has many models in production. With the Arthur platform, checking their output and status at a glance is easy."

– Chris Poirier, VP of Data

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